"To create places of belonging where people discover Jesus and are equipped to follow him"

The Carrick Centre

Since The Carrick Centre opened in 2012 it has grown and developed to be an integral part of the local community and surrounding area.

Our centre is a modern, flexible and welcoming environment where people come to meet, greet, play, learn, socialise and do business.

As part of our continual development we are keen to support new ventures and develop new partnerships with other organisations and venues who share our vision.

The Carrick Centre is a Registered Charity and Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise and work in partnership with key organisations and groups to provide the service required today and for the future from our facility.  As well as being a facility for the residents of North Carrick, we are also a venue for visitors and tourists to and through the area and plan to continue to develop and grow our service to these customers.

Vision & Values

Our vision is for The Carrick Centre to be at the heart of community life and leisure in North Carrick.
In all areas of our working environment we adopt the values of Inclusiveness, Openness & Partnership Working.
As one of a number of contributors to community life in the area, we work in partnership with other organisations and venues who share our aim of improving the quality of life for the residents of North Carrick and the experiences of North Carrick for its visitors.


At the heart of the community, The Carrick Centre provides facilities, services and a programme of activities to meet the community life and leisure needs of local people, neighbouring communities and visitors through and to North Carrick, regardless of their age or circumstance.

As such, the Centre is a safe, modern, flexible and welcoming place to meet, greet, play, learn, socialise and do business.

The Carrick Centre is currently open Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 4.30 pm and the Café and children’s Soft-Play is open at those times and very popular with both locals and visitors. There are also lots of activities at the centre, including Zumba, Invigor8, Line Dancing, and Jiggly Wigglers.

The centre has many rooms and facilities available for let, including the main hall, games hall, and smaller rooms. Their Café and Soft-Play and also open and would be pleased to see you. For further information about their facilities please contact the Carrick Centre office via their website or on (01655) 883222, or drop-in to the building.

Maybole Parish Church is a charity registered in Scotland. Charity Number SC 003164.
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