"To create places of belonging where people discover Jesus and are equipped to follow him"


Maybole Parish Church is now registered on a charity cashback website called
Any shopping you do on line could lead to the Church receiving a % of your purchase cost at no extra cost to you or the Church.
To participate take the following steps:
1. log onto easyfundraising.org.uk
2.Type in Maybole Parish Church as your chosen charity
3. Select      Choose this cause
4. Create an account and log in
5. Choose your retailer
6.Click on chosen retailer and shop as normal
The instructions on the website are fairly straightforward.
You MUST always log into easyfundraising.org.uk before purchasing for the Church to be eligible for donations.
No details of your payment or shopping details are given to the Church.
We are always looking for new ways to fundraise. This may or may not generate funds but we would like to try. I will keep you informed of progress at regular intervals.
Any further questions or comments please contact Helen McArthur, treasurer.

Maybole Parish Church is a charity registered in Scotland. Charity Number SC 003164.
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